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Buy SoundCloud Plays

In order, an artist to succeed in SoundCloud he/she must have a good number of plays. Therefore the number of plays is a very important factor in becoming a successful artist. Popular artists have thousands of plays on their trending tracks from their fans. As an artist, I know you would like to have a thousand plays too, but you have not succeeded. To buy SoundCloud plays is a strategy that a lot of people decide to use. After expenditure a lot of time trying to gain organic plays and failing people buy plays. This is very easy as long as you have a budget for it.

Why do people buy SoundCloud plays?

In the following article, I will give discuss the reasons why people buy SoundCloud plays. This will assist you to make your own decision whether to buy or not buy.

Social Proof

If your track gets many plays, it creates an impression that it’s great and worth playing and sharing. This is a psychological phenomenon the majority affect human behavior and perception. People tend to do what a large group of people does. Therefore when you buy a thousand plays expect that many people will play, like, comment, and repost it. So you will get organic plays even more than you had expected.

Make a track go viral

This one of the technique to make your track go viral and be among the top ranking tracks. This will boost your popularity onthe SoundCloud platform.

Best Places Buy SoundCloud Likes
Best Places Buy SoundCloud Likes


Because of the social proof phenomenon has we discussed it on the first point? You will get large traffic to your page then you had previously imagined. All this traffic of people will play your songs, like, comment and follow you in a thousand numbers. This will boost your account quickly through natural ways with no need to buy plays or likes or plays.

Increase in engagement

Every person needs his/her account to have a lot of activities. This will help the account to grow and boost his music by having more people playing, liking and commenting. The more activities you have on your page and music the more you will attract more traffic. This is not a simple task to achieve. You can spend months even a year without getting a thousand plays on any track you post. So to boost engagement on your page, you can buy SoundCloud plays. This will make people get the feeling that a lot of traffic is on your page.

Is it worth taking a risk to buy SoundCloud plays?

My answer is no. I would not recommend anyone to take a risk in buying these plays. This is because of the following reasons:

Easy get scammed

There are a lot of marketing agencies who claim that they sell real plays from real people’s accounts. It is true that there are trusted agencies, but there are fake and un-trusted agencies too. These agencies will deliver nothing than bots to your page which are easily detected by the system. This will make things worse than they were before. Bots are easy to detect because they have fake accounts that any person can identify. Their activities will make people stay away from your account. They can even make a few people who had an idea of playing your music change their minds.

Loss of reputation

Buying plays something that works under the hood. It should never get out because the public does not accept that act at all. You could lose your account

SoundCloud terms of users do not allow people to buy plays and they are strict about that. When you buy plays especially from bots, you are in a high risk of being taken down. This could result in a big loss because to you as an artist. You will lose the money that you spend on buying the reposts but also lose your account too. It is not worth taking the risk because the damage is great compared to what you might get.

How can you organically increase your plays?

You can increase your plays through organic means that will not risk your account. Here I have mentioned some of the strategies:

Optimized digital marketing

This is a more efficient method that is acceptable, and its results are effective. Employ a reputable agency to work on a strategy that will help you target a particular audience. The targeted audience should have an interest in your music and should be led on your page.

Repost other artists songs

This involves reposting songs of other trending artists on SoundCloud. Do it to a hundred artists, and it is likely that they will repostand play your tracks. This is one of the strategies that works like charm, and it is used by many artists.

Ask your friends to play and repost your songs

This is another method that will work in the long run. Ask your friends to help you in playing and reposting your tracks.This will enable people in their circle to see it, play it, like, and repost it too. This will create a network of plays that will increase your popularity.

Put more creativity and energy in your music

Make sure you take your time in creating good music and recheck before you upload your music. If your music is bad nothing can help you no matter how much promo you put in it. People will just listen for a few seconds and then ignore your music. But when your music is great, you are likely to earn some replays.

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