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Buy Guest blog posts

Guest blog posting is a way of sharing your blogs to other websites, whether it’s solicited or unsolicited.  It is another popular way of sharing your blogs, practice by many site owners, with the intention of reaching out to many audiences, anywhere in the world.

It’s simply publishing one’s work to another person’s website. Invited or uninvited, guest blog posting is helpful to anyone’s site. It will push you up if you do it right.

Why is guest posting important to build your blog site?

Here are some reasons, why guest blog posting is important to the growth of your site.

  • It promotes inter-relationships among bloggers. When you guest post on someone else website, you are adding value to his site.  Bloggers have a great influence on social media and being in good relationships with them, will help you promote your site.  Each of these bloggers has its own followers and if their audiences notice your blog on their blog site, they will have trust in it.
  • It creates SEO ranking rising up. When you put a link in your blog, chances are that there are many backlinks that will be developed later on.  These backlinks to your site, will not go unnoticed by search engines and this will be a plus factor for your blog.
  • A good introduction. Guest posting means you are sharing your blog to a community that has long been in existence.  If you do it correctly and the quality of your blog is consistent, these audiences will notice that your blog has been so helpful to them, they will keep on reading your blog.

Guest blog posts

How to become a good guest?

  • Put a link to the post from your own blog. It is important to put a link to the post from your blog so that it is easier for the readers to get back at you.  They may have questions and concerns, regarding your blog, they can easily reach out to you.
  • Promote your blog. Promoting your blog on other social media platforms will be a big advantage.  Twitter is one of the best platforms in which to promote your blog.  You do it not only once, but, several times.  Twitter has a lot of viewers and chances are, your blog will gain more interest.
  • You can also share it on Facebook. This social media platform, have millions of followers and sharing it there, will bring you a great opportunity to be read.
  • Be thankful. Thanking the owner of the website wherein you guested, will help you developed a good relationship with him.  This will encourage a repeat invitation, to guest post another blog on his site.
  • Be attentive. After posting a guest post, don’t disappear right away.  Take time to answer any questions, regarding your blog.  Audiences, when they are contented with your answers and the way you address them, they will become an instant follower.

    Guest Blog Posting
    Guest Blog Posting

Things you need to consider, before offering to guests blog

  • Does the blogger have a large following? Are they active in commenting and discussions online?  It is a good favor if you guest post to a blog that has a large active following.  Their followers will actively interact with you and their interaction will be noticed by every search engine.  It will cause to improve your SEO ranking.
  • Is he active on Facebook or Twitter? They should have other venues to share their blogs.  This means that the blogger has the number of flowers, because, he active on different social media platforms.
  • Is their SEO ranking high enough, to be able to push your own ranking to the top? If the SEO ranking of the blogger is high, he commands many viewers and these viewers can be your followers too.  They may be linked up to you and cause your traffic to increase, thus increasing your SEO ranking.
  • Are you in the same niche? Making sure that you are on the same niche is advantageous, making sure that the audiences you are interacting with, have the same interest as you.

Advantages of Guest Posting

  • It Commands Authority. A well-written blog denotes quality and this commands authority.  Authority is important in getting the nod of SEO.  Once your blog is considered to have authority, it will get respect and viewers will not hesitate to backlink to you.
  • More Linkage. Being able to guest post, will encourage many people to comment or contact you in return.  If this happens, more traffic is going your way.  This is a great help to improve your SEO ranking.
  • Enhance writing skills. Being able to guest post will also enhance your writing skills.  You are aware that you are trying to be present in a strange site, so you are determined to do your best.
  • Enlarge your networking. This is a good opportunity to enlarge your present network.  Should you be able to post with consistency, you will attract more of their audiences.  Remember, audiences will not waste a fraction of their time, in reading posts that have no relevance at all.
  • It’s a good branding technique. This is also a good way of promoting your brand.  Making your name known to many unknown readers on the web.
  • It promotes awareness. This also promotes awareness that your brand name exists.  Often time, for new sites, millions of viewers on the web, know nothing about your brand.  Until your blog appeared as a guest post.

Where to buy a guest blog post?

Buying a guest blog post is popular among people who are hungry for attention and to those bloggers, who failed to maximize the power of social media.  Once, they are successful in purchasing a guest blog post, they will start to get noticed and traffic to their site, will start to come.

Buying a guest blog post is possible, thru many other sites online.  However, not all of these sites can deliver.  Make a thorough research about these websites, to know if they are trustworthy or not.

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