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Buy PDF file share

 What is PDF File Share?

It is a method of sharing PDF documents to other people for viewing and commenting.  With this, the document shared is available open in any browser and device for anyone to view.  Adobe Document Cloud secures the document.

How it is important to your site?

Sharing a document online will make it available for not only a few people but, to millions of viewers online.  It has great reach and chances are that it will attract heavy traffic to your site.  As long as the document you are sharing is of good quality and brings tons of information, people will show interest in it.

It is also a plus factor if your document is targeting a niche, which will be an advantage because what you will be getting are audiences with similar interests like what you have.  It is important to your site, much more if your site is still new and needs to be introduced and lacks the traffic. PDF file sharing will also help you with your SEO rankings.

How to share PDF files online?

There are a few methods of sharing your PDF files online.

  • The first method is thru email. This is the simplest way of sharing documents online and with this method you have control, on who will have access to the file you shared.

With SODA PDF, send your email within the apps.

  1. Click File
  2. Choose Send
  3. Click E-mail
  4. Send

If you are not in outlook, use another email platform.

  • The second method is thru a link.
  1. Find a system that can generate a link and upload your file there.
  2. Create your link using the platform.
  3. Save it to dropbox, one drive, Google drive or box.
  4. Save your file in (your choice) in Soda Pdf
  5. Click on add a list of all virtual files
  6. Lo-in to dropbox and share

How to optimize your PDF for SEO purposes?

  • The file name. Many people made the mistake of not giving much importance to the file name. But in PDF, file names play a big role in SEO.  Make sure that the keyword in your filename is relevant to your content.  This is the keyword that the searcher will type when they search.  The file name will appear in the URL, so it can be seen by both the audiences and the search engines.
  • The Title. In PDF, write a very strong and attracting title. It is essential to put a good keyword at the beginning of each title.  Think of a title with consideration to the search engines and the people.
  • Text-based PDF is better than Image based PDF. The reason for this is that search engines can read the text, not the image.  One way of determining if your PDF is text-based or image-based is to copy and paste it.  If it’s an image, it cannot be copied.
  • Substitute image by adding alternative text. It is one of helping search engines understand your images.
  • Add links to your Document to the website and back.

5 Websites where you can share your PDF

  • com. This is an online platform, which provides services such an editor, storage and signature request manager.  All those functions are done online in one package.  They also offer a cheaper subscription and a user-friendly interface.
  • com. A popular PDF sharing website, which has every basic requirement for sharing online. Available for downloading and sharing files online.  The content is high level, which enables sharing of PDF files to publications.
  • com. This application software will allow you to upload your file in many formats. After uploading, a link is then generated, that you can share with anyone you like.
  • com. With Google Drive, you can share your files to anyone.  You can also allow them to edit, view or comment on your file.  It is capable of performing many tasks.
  • This site allows users to share PDF files online conveniently.

    PDF File Share
    PDF File Share

The benefits of buying PDF file share

PDF file share will in any way benefit your site with the following:

  • It allows you to share your pages to a wide audience on the web. It is not just in your network, but, other peoples network as well. People that you have no idea who they are.
  • It adds more traffic to your site. It enables you to reach out to viewers who are interested in the same niche as you do. This means that the people you have reached out, have a greater possibility to follow you and visit your site.
  • It helps your ranking in search engines. The traffic towards your site will be recognized by SEO positively.  They include it, as an important factor in ranking sites.
  • It improves a site’s reputation. This will build authority towards your site.  It will also build confidence and trust on the viewers towards your site.  A viewer when they see heavy traffic towards your site will take it as an indication, that your site has good content.
  • It will convert to profitability. All the increases in the ranking, traffic, and viewership, will ultimately result in huge profit.  It will convert to money.

Buying PDF File share is a practice done by people who are in immediate need to introduce their site online.  Achieving it the traditional way will take time and so much effort.  Buying PDF file share is a shortcut way to make it.  The only thing that you must consider is how to choose the right website.

It is important that you have trusted the site you are dealing with.  There are many online, offering the same services.  But, who can deliver a prompt and quality service is for you to identify.

Referral from friends is one way. Reviews and comments online is another way.  The practice of buying PDF file sharing is common and useful to many.  For your site, think first if you really need it.

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