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Buy PBN backlinks

This article will discuss all the basics of buying PBN backlinks.  But, before we go further, we must need to understand first what is PBN? PBN’s are a network of websites that enable a single site to manipulate its SEO rankings bypassing authority to it.  PBN is actually a private blog network and the links that it passes thru independent websites are called PBN backlinks.

Usually, PBN is owned by a single individual, purposely to build linkage to their other sites, which are generating money.

Websites link to this network are mostly build to create links, instead of providing information.

Buy PBN backlinks

The Benefits of PBN backlinks

Here are some important factors of getting PBN backlinks to your site:

  • Still considered by many SEO’s. Many SEO’s are still considering PBN’s in making their ranking of websites.  They still consider it as their gauge in ranking the sites under them.  They preferred more sites with high authority and so it is essential that you join PBN’s with a very good reputation.
  • They have full control over how they will manage their links. Managing the features of your links is not easy if you have no total control of it.  Some ordinary sites will not allow you to be flexible enough in manipulating your site.  With PBN’s, you have the freedom to play with the features, as you wish.
  • Buying PBN backlinks brings convenience to your managing of the links.  You are in total control of where to put it.
  • You have also the capability to interlink to other sites, which will help you increase the flow to your site.  This will help you in getting more traffic to your site.  Interaction with many other sites on the web is a good advantage for your site.
  • The fast building of links is possible when you are linked to the PBN network. It is because of the presence of many other sites that will possibly be linked up to your site.  The many sites that the PBN network is composed of, the better for your site.
  • Your site’s visibility. When your site is included in a PBN network, you will have greater visibility.  Many people will notice it and inquiries will start coming.  This will cause you to gain more visibility and this will turn into profit for you.

How do PBN backlinks help in SEO rankings?

Being part of a PBN network of websites, you will gain so much authority.  And this authority is always considered by SEO companies in their rankings.  The traffic that is also generated by your linkage with the PBN network will definitely raise your SEO rankings.

SEO usually considers backlinks as a requisite for SEO rankings.  But it is not the number of backlinks you have, that they are looking into, but, the quality.  Since PBN’s are considered to be of high authority, being a part of it will make your ranking increase.

Creating Link Wheel PBN
Creating Link Wheel PBN

Where to purchase PBN backlinks?

Many site owners are embracing the idea of buying PBN backlinks, with the purpose of getting free-flowing quality traffic to their site.  However, they don’t have the idea of where to buy the link and how to do it.

  • Find PBN backlinks for sale at many SEO market places. These include Legit, Konker and BlackhatWorld.  Chose who among these vendors are selling the most quality of links, compared t the others.  But, generally, these market places mentioned above, have a good reputation online.
  • Make sure that all PBN domains are properly indexed. This will determine if the PBN that you are trying to join will be able to help you in every way.  A properly indexed site will have more chances to increase their ranking.
  • Check on the number of outbound links it has created. The number of outbound links that a PBN site has will determine if it is a good site or not. Few outbound links will just show that your PBN is not an active one and there is less possibility of getting to a lot of audiences.
  • The website must have a good ratio of 1:2 for trust flow and citation flow respectively. An above 20 trust flow is the ideal.  A PBN with less trust and citation flow will not encourage more linkage from other sites.  This kind of PBN’s will not in any way help your site grew in viewership and will not bring you much profit.
  • It must have good relevance to a niche. A good PBN site must have a niche.  Having a niche will create a good following of people who have the same interest as them.  A PBN without a niche will hardly get the interest of many audiences.
  • The pages that are linking you should have good content. When a page that links you have good content, this page should have many followers and they will start to notice your page also.  You will be able to get their attention as well to your site.
  • Check the page authority of the page linking to you. Another factor to consider is the page authority of the page that is linked to you.  Mostly, the home page has the highest authority
  • Check if the PBN network is permanent or just temporary. Lastly, make sure that the PBN network that is linked to you is permanent or temporary.  You may wonder why the PBN you are linked with is not giving you backlinks because it no longer exists in the web.

PBN backlinks are used by many to improve their low SEO ranking.  Some site owners, buy PBN backlinks, to bring lots of traffics, to their sites.  The good thing with being linked to a PBN backlink is that it commands authority.  And if you have authority, the more audiences and users will trust you.   This will make them follow you more.  SEO also will give more momentum to sites with high authority.

PBN backlink is a good vehicle for your site to succeed in SEO and profitability.  Just make sure that you are dealing with the right website.

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